Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mine or yours

10 pm. 

Dinner - check. Fluffing pillows - check. Pulling out blankets - check. Keeping remotes and mobiles within arms reach - check. Most importantly, keeping a slab of dark chocolate between us - check. Unwrapping it - check. We're both supposed to be on a diet by the way. 

After 3 pieces each. 

She - Thats enough. 
Me - No I want more.
She - You're supposed to be on a diet you know...
Me - Yeah but I've hurt my ankle and I need all the energy I can get. 
She - Ok if you're having, give me also a piece.
Me - What about your diet?
She - Yeah i know, but I don't want you to finish my share ok... It was my slab in the first place. 

Licking fingers - check.

That was my side of the story. For her side of the story click here.


  1. :)

    first you eat up my share of the bournville and then you blog about it like its osmething to be proud of!

    anyhoo you owe me 2 slabs. of the regular dark chocolate kind of bournville.

    and this just made me smile. which is a good thing on a day like this.

    happiness quotient on a scale of 1-10 : 10


  2. dudes my better half is after me after the color of my skin...i get the feeling like i am a negroe out of south bronx...u guyz are still on chocolates..better off !

  3. Hahahaha RU, looks like VC has earned it for sure!

  4. @ SG - hahahah...well... take a chocolate into bed next time.
    @AK - shes just greedy when it comes to chocolates..