Friday, September 25, 2009

Bungee jumping and sex

You know how magazines covers have blurbs of text on them? Well, I get tons of magazines in the office and you see all kinds of crazy shit on them.

This month, on the cover of Femina - "Bungee jumping and sex. Yes there's a connect."

What??? How could there be a connect between bungee jumping and sex? Well, I dunno... strange eh? Yeah.. well.. ok... maybe, there's one thing in common. 

When I jumped in 2006, 10 seconds in to the jump, my bungee cord had fully stretched out.  At that moment, it felt like the cord was slipping off my ankle. 

In a totally unrelated incident, one time, it felt like my condom was slipping off my dangle. 


  1. beat this...there was an article on HT which said how green is ur underwear ? now underwear is also a cause for reducing carbon footprint..we darn consumers will buy nething which sounds plush, global and upscaley charitable