Friday, January 15, 2010

The Cable Guy

Where I work, the IT department is a one man show. What's really great about him is the level of comfort he has with machines. Everyone else's machines. 

I'm there sitting and working on my laptop when suddenly my attention is diverted to my right. I turn back to find the IT guy typing some text on MY laptop. THATS MY LAPTOP. You'd kind of expect him to excuse himself and come up with half a reason for meddling with my laptop right? Anyway this kind of eccentric behavior isn't new to me so I carry on conversing with my colleague.  2 minutes later he disappears with an unsaved document on my desktop. I hit "ALT f4".

Ten minutes of peace. He then reappears with another laptop, pulls out my power cable and connects it to the laptop he just brought. He then places the damn thing on MY TABLE. MY TABLE. Then he disappears again, without a word, into the darkness of his home, the server room. 


  1. that was also YOUR POWER CABLE. YOUR POWER CABLE, no?

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